The Great Dying

by Arms of the Abyss

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Scumbag Slow and churning death sludge that can tend to drag a bit in places, but that comes with the territory, really. The last track, however, defies the odds - being the longest track on the album it also happens to be the most engaging. Certainly worth giving this one a go! Favorite track: Fate of the Faithful.
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The Great Dying is a lovecraftian recollection of the permian-triassic extinction event - 252 million years ago, with the loss of between 70 and 96% of all forms of life.

The unfathomable loss of life had its origins in hubris, fanaticism and the indifference of powers beyond the antagonists' comprehension. Time and entropy have all but eradicated evidence of the truth.


released June 16, 2014

Mitch - Guitars
Dale - Bass, vocals and software
Tim - Vocals



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Arms of the Abyss Brisbane, Australia

Arms of the Abyss brings uncompromising down-tempo riffs with haunting melodies. The band's vision is crowned by a dual pronged vocal barrage, ranging from guttural roars to unearthly wails.
The band hails from Brisbane, Australia.

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Track Name: Abyssal Spasm
Profound concussion unleashed
cataclysmic upheaval ensues,
currents reversed, chasms forming,
depths dredged, plains scoured

Profound concussion unleashed
breaths of boiling anguish
churn the deepest crevices,
fissures spit magma into the tides

Colossal city - Hidden in the depths
Megalopolis - Unknown to land dwellers
Colossal city - Once resplendent
Megalopolis - Rent asunder

Vast basalt structures
deprived of their former splendour,
dwellers simultaneously
stupefied and pulverized

Reefs reduced - to vestigial carcasses
Reefs reduced - to barren plains
Reefs ruptured, crushed, decimated
Reefs reduced, to nothing

Within abyss, the depth of depths, beyond the spasms,
Neath temple seal, with stygian purpose, a sentience awakens
Track Name: Unbound
Benthic temple as black as night
Old as the ocean depths themselves
Girt by sentinel, Nearly as ancient
Proof to all but the most violent shockwaves

Custodians disarmed, Temple seal violated

Unbound by time
Cyclopean entity

Anathema to mortal sentience and its puerile perceptions of space.
antediluvian slumber, unbroken for eons,
through the births of lesser races, to their throes,
in a cyclic rhythm, echoing indifference.

Awoken, roused by fumes of slaughter
oozing through the fractured temple altar

Through riven, once monolithic seal
A self-fulfilling prophecy is birthed

Architeuthis lumbered,
Tentacles engorged rigid with rage

Acres of iron-flesh, wrenching matter beyond
Leagues of tendril flailing, in blind vehemence
The roaring collapse of the, threshold twixt worlds masked by a
cacophony, of endless gnashing.
Track Name: Basalt Kraken
Innumerable life-forms, Drawn from the wreckage
Gathered in melancholy, grieving in unison
Arisen in vast pilgrimage, tempered in wrath
Bonds forged in anger, Traverse the crust

Listen to the call
The clarion call
Form in the shade of the wreckage
Flock to the banner of vengeance

The denizens of the depths
Preparing to besiege
The machinists of the land
And bring them to their knees


Neath basalt kraken sigil
A covenent is entered
An autocracy is birthed
Upon the ocean floor

And eclipsed by a war-like god
Track Name: Fate of the Faithful
The might of the ocean march forth
To enrapture the earth with dread
Vengeance begets victory
The fate of the faithless is death

A compact forged in idealistic, self-souring sentiment
Neath fruits of its own embitterment, is destined to dismay.

Imminent dismay.

Prayers are cast into irrelevance
Worship is made in vain
Seeds sown of helplessness reaping nothing but sorrow
Regrets reap the same

Prayers are cast into irrelevance
Worship is made in vain
Seeds sown of helplessness reap nothing but sorrow
Regrets reap the same

Shackled in misguided servitude
To a bludgeoning force
A mass realisation
Turns our host to flight

An antipathic horror -
Spreading its fondness for war
An antipathic horror -
Sharing its wrath amongst all
Shackled in misguided servitude
To a bludgeoning force
A mass realisation
Turns our host to flight

Prostate before obliteration
The seas are enveloped by dread
Encapsulated by tyranny
The fate of the faithful is death

Two civilisations mired in unpleasantness
Two civilisations ensnared and wracked with endearing constrictions.
Two civilisations beset and devoured
Two civilisations gorged on forever.